About Kit Carson Internet

Kit Carson Internet serves over 6,000 customers including members who reside in areas where broadband was not available or service was limited.

Additionally, to date the project has created 405 jobs, 90% which have been local; which were tied to physical main line construction. It has also given our local contractors and their laborers the experience and the skill sets to bid, and obtain projects outside the KCI service territory. As broadband has become a major national focus to bridge the digital divide by telecom companies, other electric cooperatives, governmental entities, and communities in general, KCI’s project will continue to enhance job creation on many levels, KCI is extremely proud that through this project we have had the ability to expose the talents through local labor force that existed right here within our community, and that those individuals, along with many more to come now have the opportunity to capitalize on opportunities available through this ever advancing technology. This endeavor has greatly added to the economic viability of our surrounding communities.

As we look to the future, Kit Carson Internet will continue to expand its services to other territories and will continue to be a leader in the telecommunications industry. As we continue to deploy fiber optic services to residents and businesses, Kit Carson Internet will embrace the spirit of the Cooperative model in delivering products and services to those that are under-served, in offering the best quality of life services in the telecommunications industry at the most affordable prices possible.

Today’s fast-paced and exciting world requires that individuals, families and businesses be able to communicate rapidly in ways never dreamed possible. Computers and the Internet have become irreplaceable tools for personal correspondence, student research and a vast array of business applications.

Based on a decision made by the members of Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, there was a consensus to bring internet services to all its members throughout. In January 2000, Kit Carson Internet opened its doors offering Dial UP, DSL and fixed wireless services making it possible to connect with the world around us. But, because of the mountains and difficult terrain, it soon became clear that wireless couldn’t serve all the members adequately.

In an effort to offer broadband services to everyone, Kit Carson Electric, through a multi-million dollar federal grant embarked on the “Fiber to the Home” project which launched in 2010. The fiber project today, consists of over 3,000 miles of Fiber optic broadband infrastructure who now provides advanced broadband services to Taos and the surrounding areas throughout Taos County and the Enchanted Circle including Eagle Nest, Angel Fire, Ojo Caliente and El Rito in Río Arriba County with speeds ranging from 40 Mbps to 1GB.