Fire Prevention Outage: Ute Park Area 04/22/2022

Due to the projected high winds, KCEC is working with Colfax County Emergency Management Office and Colfax Fire Departments to mitigate forest fire potential. KCEC will be shutting down the power in the Ute Park area from 12:00 pm-12:00 am or until the winds subside. This is a preventative measure and currently, no poles or wires in Ute Park should be affected by the fire. The safety of emergency personnel and members is KCEC’s top priority. 

From Colfax County Emergency Management

The forest fire situation south and east of Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc., (KCEC) is out of control and burning between Cimarron and Philmont Scout Ranch.  This morning, the Colfax County Emergency Management Office and Ute Park Fire Chief requested that KCEC de-energize the electric power line that energizes the Ute Park area from Eagle Nest at noon today through midnight.  Currently, none of KCEC’s infrastructure is in the line of the fire; however, the magnitude of the current fire is deemed catastrophic for the Cimarron area. All Colfax County fire resources are dispatched to Cimarron, and since winds are expected to exceed 70 mph if a downed electric power line would cause a fire in the Ute Park area, Colfax County has no resources to address a new fire.  

This is a preventative measure in conjunction with Colfax County Emergency Services.  KCEC will be informing members that will be out of power during this time.  Residents of Ute Park will also be out of internet service.  We are looking at ways to maintain cell service; however, it is not guaranteed that cell service would be maintained.