KCEC Accomplishments

 KCEC is lowering electric rates and will be 100% Daytime Solar by this summer. The battery storage component will create a reliable and resilient network. The combination of solar and storage produces stable long-term rates for members and businesses. KCEC has partnered with municipalities, governments, schools, tribes and members to create approximately 20 solar arrays. We have installed solar arrays in Taos, Red River, Tres Piedras, Angel Fire, Questa, Eagle Nest, Ojo Caliente and Penasco. 

KCEC is committed to the communities we serve. Year to date, we have contributed over $50,000 to community projects and initiatives. Guzman and KCEC will grant over $30,000 in scholarships to students in our service area. KCEC has given a total of $574,500 to students pursuing higher education. 

Kit Carson’s accomplishments are creating a better quality of life for our members. The future is brighter than ever with renewable energy, paving the way for our younger generation to thrive and succeed. 

Remember: Your electric bill will decrease this summer! 

Sincerely, Luis A. Reyes Jr., CEO of KCEC


Taos Mesa Solar Array and Battery Storage Groundbreaking Ceremony

When: June 03, 2022

Where: Taos Mesa Array (adjacent to the Taos Landfill)

Time: 9:30 am – 11:00am