KCEC Completes NRECA Cybersecurity Program


Co-op Cyber Goals Program

CONGRATULATIONS!Your cooperative has completed all 10 of the goals in NRECA’s Co-op Cyber Goals Program. This is a major achievement toward establishing a basic level of cybersecurity at your co-op and helping your company and our industry electricity grid be better protected from cyber threats. Here is your digital badge acknowledging your achievement. This can be used on your website and in your social media to support member-consumer confidence and demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity. We also invite your cooperative to NRECA’s 2024 Co-op Cyber Tech conference, to be recognized in a special ceremony. Stay tuned for additional goals and other offerings from NRECA’s Rural Cooperative Cybersecurity Capabilities (RC3) program, as together we continue our efforts to better protect our electricity grid from cyber threats. If you do not yet receive our twice-monthly Business and Technology Update newsletter, please sign up to receive the latest on opportunities and resources available.
Best Regards,NRECA Cybersecurity Team 
Emma Stewart, Chief Scientist, NRECA
Justin Luebbert, Cybersecurity Principal, NRECA
Ryan Newlon, Cybersecurity Principal, NRECA