KCEC Encourages Members Be Aware of Typosquatting

Cybersecurity is a priority to Kit Carson and its members; KCEC wants to share some information about Typosquatting. 

Here at Kit Carson, we are seeing domains being misspelled and redirected to identical but malicious sites in ways that cybercriminals are trying to get personal information from the end users.

What is Typosquatting? It is a form of cybercrime that involves adversaries registering domains with deliberately misspelled names of well-known websites. This results in unsuspecting visitors being lured to alternative websites, typically for malicious purposes. 

KCEC wants to remind its members to use these steps when doing anything online: 

STOP – Resist immediate action when receiving an email, text, or accessing a website 

LOOK – Check for anything unusual in the message or web address. Examples: misspelled email addresses or misspelled domains. 

THINK – If something seems “phishy” do not click on the links or access the website. If possible, report it to the organization so they can take the appropriate action.

Kit Carson has measures in place to identify these types of threats and will continue to notify our members of tactics that cyber criminals continue to use to cause malicious activity in our communities. Thank you for being a critical part of continuing to keep our community cyber-aware.