KCEC Will Be 100% Daytime Solar This Summer

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Members, 

Last week, KCEC announced a reduction in members’ electric bills. The reduced electric bills will provide relief during this high gas, natural gas, propane fuel costs time and this record-high inflation market. 

Today we want to report that KCEC will be 100% Daytime Solar this summer. During the day, when the sun is shining, all of the energy produced for all 30,000 KCEC members will be renewable solar energy. KCEC’s new solar and battery storage projects allow KCEC to stabilize rates, provide local renewable energy and create a more resilient and reliable electric network. 

KCEC will continue to update members on current projects and initiatives that make our communities greener. KCEC continues to address the immediate need for climate change while paving the way for our younger generations. 

Please click on the recent article posted in Taos News. 

Luis Reyes, CEO of KCEC