KCEC’s Solar Production

  • 30%

    Percentage of Daytime Solar by 2022

KCEC Phase 3 with Battery Storage

  • 1%

    TAOS, NM (15MW) ( Under Negotiations)

  • 1%

    ANGEL FIRE, NM (6MW) (Under Negotiations)

KCEC Phase 2 Construction Status of Arrays

  • 100%

    Questa, NM (1.5MW)

  • 80%

    Taos,NM (3MW)

  • 100%

    Northern College El Rito, NM (1.5MW)

KCEC Phase 1 Construction Status of Arrays

  • 100%

    Tres Piedras, NM (1 MW)

  • 100%

    Picuris Pueblo, NM (1MW)

  • 100%

    Eagle Nest, NM (1MW)

Project NameCommercial Operation DateSize of Array (kW) AC VoltageEnergy Production Year 2016 (kWh)Energy Production Year 2017 (kWh)Energy Production Year 2018 (kWh)Energy Production Year 2019 09/30/2019 (kWh)
Energy Production Inception to 09/30/2019
UNM Taos Array11/1/09445 kW875,520844,822600,893525,730
KCEC Array (Canopy)1/14/1082 kW83,947132,9282430
KTAO Array (Canopy)2/13/1038 kW54,22171,25856,84946,621638,177
Penasco Schools12/30/1050 kW81,76182,77182,83061,893572,160
Taos High School12/30/1050 kW85,97886,83278,64654,603618,473
Chevron2/1/101069 kW1,907,7331,857,8591,550,6121,160,920
Amalia Array (RCCLA)5/21/121,250 kW3,075,8572,527,4702,401,0832,077,89220,466,620
Taos Eco Park (Canopy)12/30/1160 kW117,609117,634109,00078,038
Taos Charter School (Community Solar)8/27/12100 kW158,960156,536122,961109,4721,060,878
Blue Sky Energy8/1/121,250 kW3,246,0392,687,7592,228,5352,644,56720,549,184
Eagle Nest Elementary8/24/15100 kW118,36798,18370,00055,840456,880
Tres Piedras Solar Array8/1/171,000 kW0476,684985,3551,330,584
Picuris Pueblo (Penasco, NM)12/18/171,000 kW001,443,8871,114,0472,557,934
Eagle Nest Lake, NM10/5/181,040 kW00431,3251,602,5122,033,747
Northern NM College ( El Rito, NM)12/19/191,500 kW00000
El Rito North Questa 01/02/20201,500 kW00000
KCEC Taos Water Treatment 03/2020( Weather Pending)3,000 kW00000
Net Metering (519)Ongoing2,502 kW1,246,0011,530,3692,139,2971,642,506

TotalCapacity16.04 MW11,051,993 kWh10,671,435 kWh12,286,878 kWh12,505,225
Demand PeakSummer35.67 MW (Jul)36.12 MW (Jul)36.21 MW (April)37.38 MW (May)
Winter60.65 MW (Dec)56.84 MW (Jan)54.95 MW (Jan)61.87 MW (Jan)
Daytime Summer PeakSummer 31.17 MW
8.34 MW Solar
30.63 MW
8.73 MW Solar
26.25 MW (May)
6.50 MW Solar
Winter39.06 MW
7.74 MW Solar
42.86 MW
8.13 MW Solar
42.16 MW (Jan)
5.89 MW Solar
Total MW Sold265,801,775 kWh261,229,893 kWh263,931,221 kWh196,678,473 kWh
Total Sales YTD4.16%4.10%4.66%6.36%
Daytime kWh (Solar)8.19%8.04%9.16%12.52%
Daytime Solar Peak Summer 26.76%28.50%37.80%
Winter 19.81%19.43%22.08%
ArraySize Of ArrayCurrent Status of ProjectEstimated Construction CostPartner
Taos, NM (Town Of Taos Water Treatment)1,000 kW (1MW)Waiting on Town of Taos$2 MillionTown of Taos
Taos, NM (Town Of Taos Water Treatment)3,000 kW (3MW)Under Construction$6.9 MillionTown of Taos
Northern NM College (El Rito, NM)1,500 kW (1.5MW)Online $3.55 MillionNorthern NM College
Questa, NM1,500 kW (1.5 MW)Online$3.55 MillionLupe Young
Angel Fire, NM6,000 kW (6MW)Under Negotiations $10.2 MillionVillage of Angel Fire
Taos, NM15,000 kW (15MW)Under Negotiations $25.5 MillionPrivate Investor, Taos, NM